Explore Exceptional Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

Mathura Sainik (P)School is located in India and provides a diverse array of extracurricular activities and clubs that are distinct from those often offered in other educational schools.

Brahm (Early Morning) Classes

The Mathura Sainik (P)School offers Brahm sessions, providing pupils with a distinctive opportunity to engage in reflection and foster their spiritual development. These courses extend beyond the conventional curriculum, fostering students' exploration of their inner selves and cultivating a more profound comprehension of the philosophical dimensions of existence.

Dramatics Club

This distinctive extracurricular programme provides students with the opportunity to investigate their artistic abilities, cultivate self assurance in public speaking and acting, and foster a robust understanding of teamwork and collaboration.

Conceptual and experiential expertise

The educators of Mathura Sainik (P)School possess extensive qualifications and a diverse range of theoretical and practical knowledge, which they effectively apply within the educational setting. They possess a distinctive capacity to effectively combine theoretical principles with practical implementations.

Inventive approaches in education

The faculty employs innovative pedagogical approaches that effectively engage and captivate students throughout classroom instruction. By employing these tactics, students are more inclined to effectively remember information, actively participate in meaningful discourse, and develop their critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.

Individualised Attention

The educators at the preeminent Sainik school are renowned for their unwavering commitment to the personalised development of each student. In this secure and supportive classroom environment, students will experience a sense of respect and be afforded the chance to cultivate their abilities to the utmost extent.

Character Development and Values

The topic of character development and values is of significant importance in academic discourse. It is widely recognised that the development of one's character and the cultivation of values play a crucial role in personal growth and ethical decision making

Character education programs

The programmes are initiatives that aim to promote the development of positive character traits and values in individuals. These programmes typically take place in educational settings. The school's character education activities aim to instill in students the ideals of selflessness, loyalty, honesty, leadership, and decision making, fostering their internalisation of these values.

Value Education in Academic Settings

At Sainik Boarding School, students receive comprehensive instruction on the significance of moral and ethical principles throughout various domains of existence. The implementation of this comprehensive approach facilitates the internalisation of moral ideas by students, as opposed to just rote memorisation.

Values Based Assemblies: This paper aims to provide an academic perspective on values based assemblies. The weekly assemblies at Mathura Sainik (P)School prioritise the inculcation and deliberation of moral concepts. When students engage in collective activities, they foster a shared feeling of affiliation and mutual objectives.

Ethics Bowl and Debate Teams: The educational institution organises various activities such as the Ethics Bowl and provides support for debate clubs with the aim of fostering discussions among students regarding ethical matters. This unique opportunity provides students with the ability to enhance their skills in persuasive communication and ethical decision making.

Student led values initiatives: A salient attribute of the institution is the prioritisation of promoting student agency in cultivating an ethical environment within the campus community. This approach encourages students to assume responsibility for safeguarding the principles and ideals of the institution.

Ethical Seminars and Workshop: These events provide participants with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of ethical issues and develop the skills necessary to navigate complex ethical dilemmas. The seminars and workshops conducted at Sainik Boarding School extensively delve into ethical considerations. These activities enable students to develop a comprehensive understanding of ethical principles and their practical applications.

Social recognition through awards: The significance of values can be underscored through the utilisation of praise and rewards as a means of reinforcing morally upright behaviour among students. These prizes are intended to serve as a kind of acknowledgement for ethical conduct.