Unlock a Bright Future: Mathura Sainik School Admissions

Are you looking for a prestigious school where your child may develop their intelligence, personality, and leadership skills? Just stop there! Mathura Sainik School welcomes driven young minds as it strives to rank among the top Sainik institutions in India. Our school's long history and commitment to a well-rounded education will give your child an edge in life. We kindly invite you to learn more about Sainik School Admission India and the many advantages it offers your child.

About Mathura Sainik School

Mathura Sainik School formerly known as Chandanvan Public School, was registered in 2002, and then applied for the Sainik School Society in 2022, with the name Mathura Sainik School. For more than 21 years, the Mathura Sainik School in the heart of Uttar Pradesh has served as a bright example of academic brilliance and moral improvement. Our school seeks to develop well-rounded individuals who are motivated to give back to their communities and the larger world.

Why Mathura Sainik School?

Academic performance:
Mathura Sainik School maintains a high quality of academic accomplishment while offering a comprehensive curriculum that prepares pupils for a range of competitive tests. 

Holistic Development:
To ensure that our students receive a well-rounded education, our school promotes extracurricular activities like athletics and leadership training in addition to academics. 

Discipline and character development:
We use military principles in the classroom to help our students understand the importance of self-control, cooperation, and leadership. 

Fostering Future Leaders:
The Mathura Sainik School is known for cultivating future business executives, political leaders, and military generals.

Admission to Sainik Schools in India

Sainik Schools are a specific kind of educational facility that focuses on training students for positions in the Indian Armed Forces. Among the greatest in the nation, Sainik's educational institutions are renowned for their emphasis on general education, character development, and discipline.

Mathura Sainik School Admission Process

The Sainik Schools Society's requirements are entirely met by the Mathura Sainik School admissions procedure, which is well-defined and follows them exactly. The requirements that follow must be met in order to register at Mathura Sainik School:
1. Eligibility Criteria
To get accepted into Mathura Sainik School, candidates must fulfil the requirements listed below:

  • Candidates from all over the world are also welcome.
  • Male and Female candidates having age of more than 10 years on 02 July of the year in which admission is sought are eligible for class IV. The age of candidates seeking admission in Class IX will be 15 years.
  • Must have passed Class III and VIII for admission in Class IV and IX respectively from a recognized school.

2. Registration
A full Sainik School Admission Form must be submitted by prospective students before they may take the entrance exam. You can download and fill out this form online. You can either get it from the school office or get a PDF version of it from our website.

3. Entrance Examination
Before enrolling pupils, Mathura Sainik School requires them to pass a demanding entrance exam that covers a wide range of subjects, including arithmetic, language arts, and general knowledge. The curriculum and testing policies have been recommended by the Sainik Schools Society.

4. Admit Card
Participants will get an admit card in the mail following registration that includes the test's date, time, and venue.

5. Medical Examination
Those who perform well enough on the entrance exam will have a thorough medical examination to ensure they are physically fit for the role.

6. Merit List and Interview
A merit list will be created using the outcomes of the admission exam and the physical examination. A character and skill evaluation interview may also be requested of some applicants.

7. Final Admission
If an applicant is ultimately admitted to Mathura Sainik School, it will depend on where they rank on the merit list and the school's capacity.

How to Apply for Mathura Sainik School Admission India

The following are the steps you must do in order to enroll your child at Mathura Sainik School:

Please go to our official website: To get all the information you need, visit our website.
Find the application form here: The Mathura Sainik School online application is available on our website in PDF format. Be as accurate and detailed as you can when completing it.
Submission of the Form: The main office of the school should receive the completed form either in person or via mail. Make sure you follow the form's instructions carefully and include all necessary fees and supporting paperwork.
Prepare for the Exam: Encourage your youngster to work hard on their entrance exam preparation while you wait for the admissions letter. Review the required reading and take some practice tests to get ready.
Getting the admit card Make sure all the information on your admissions card is correct, and write down the exam's date, time, and location.
Admission Exam: On the day of the admission exam, let your child arrive early at the testing location and let them come prepared to do well.
Interview and Medical Exam: If your child does adequately on the admissions test, they will be invited in for an interview and a medical exam.

Contact Us

At any time during the application process, we urge you to get in touch with our admissions staff if you have any further questions or need assistance.

At Mathura Sainik School, doors to a better life, with opportunities and success, are open before you. Join us in developing your child's character and instilling in them values that will last a lifetime. The best Sainik school in India, Mathura Sainik School, is accepting applications now to start a life-changing adventure.



Candidates for class IV must be male or female of 10 years old on July 2 of the year for which admission is sought. Candidates for admission to Class IX must be at least 15 years old.

Applicants can submit details online via Mathura Sainik (P)School's website. To apply online, please visit our website and proceed as described above.

To ensure your success on the entrance exam, we suggest reviewing the sample questions and in-depth admissions guide that we have made available on our site.

Financial assistance and scholarships are available to qualified students at Mathura Sainik (P)School depending on their admissions test scores and family income.

The interview is carried out to evaluate the candidate's general attitude, ethical standards, and eligibility. There will be one-on-one conversations as well as focus groups.